Service Flow

1. We offer you the opportunity to talk and communicate with Japanese male (female) members by video

Maybe you have studied Japanese, maybe you have worked in Japanese companies, maybe you want to live in Japan in the future, please contact us. We need a description of your real personal conditions, and 5-8 photos in your best condition. According to your request, we will provide you with the corresponding male member profile. Establish many opportunities for video conversation.

2. Please prepare your smart phone

We will arrange video one-on-one (one male member to one female member) communication periodically. Members who do not know Japanese will translate the same seat, and members who are proficient in Japanese (English) will communicate with each other in Japanese (English). We will contact you immediately about how to download the video software and give you full guidance.

3. After the video, we will arrange an interview (interview will be postponed during the new coronavirus period)

If you have made an initial good impression through 2-3 video conversations with each other on the Internet, we will arrange a face-to-face match between the two of you. We will deepen the understanding of each other in the three aspects of marriage, values and consumption. When the relationship is established, please sign the marriage intention letter.

4. We will support the whole process of marriage and visa, and support the family problems for 2 years after marriage for free.

When we meet, we fall in love, we get married, we go through the marriage procedure, and we get a visa. We are a regular marriage counseling office that provides a full range of services. We also provide free support for relationship problems and Japanese life problems for 2 years after marriage.