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All information is guaranteed to be true and reliable;

Full support for marriage procedure and visa;

18 years of professional reputation in the industry;

We have female members all over China and overseas (Chinese women & Japanese men mainly).

Service Features


Members Recruit Directly

We directly recruit women and men who are interested in marriage in Asian regions such as China and Japan. We do not receive information from third party agents. We ensure the authenticity and timeliness of information for both male and female members. 


Real Relationship Intercourse

We ask that you provide your real ID, proof of education, employment, divorce, and family register during the online and in-person meetings.We actively communicate with our members to understand their real thoughts and needs.


Confirm Character and Values

We will communicate with both men and women in English, Japanese and Chinese. After confirming each other’s parenting values, we will sign a membership commitment form. 


Assistance with Marriage Procedures

We provide professional guidance for women’s marriage registration application, celibacy certificate application for both men and women, and re-entry visa application or renewal.

Our Advantages

— 01

Introduction stage is FREE!

Women in the introduction phase are all FREE!

Entry fee is Free.

Monthly membership fee is FREE.Also we can provide Japanese translation for FREE.

— 02

Our Members

Male members include civil servants, engineers, teachers, and self-employed people.Chinese women are Office Lady etc, excellent Asian women who are proficient in foreign languages such as English or Japanese and have experience in traveling and living abroad.

— 03

High Marriage Rate:87%

Our specialists will listen to your needs and give you the best advice. Introducing the most suitable partner for you.In the process of socializing, we will deepen mutual understanding and enhance the relationship. 


Opportunity, is left to those who know how to grasp Know how to be happy and grasp the warmth around you



We are an international marriage agency for Chinese and foreigners from all over the world to get married to each other. Chinese women worldwide recruiting in... More than 400 people have joined us in China...

Japanese male members

We select the best men in Japan, engineers, national civil servants, presidents, etc. in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, etc.

35/178  自营业 年收1500万円

离婚无孩 二层别墅,寻30岁内170以上漂亮女性(哈尔滨大连地区不会日语也可)

39/178 東京IT工程师 年收800万円

未婚,性格腼腆  25-33岁文静,会日语的中国职业女性。哈尔滨周边女性也可。

31/171  IT工程师  年收500万円

未婚,爱知县在住。寻 22-30岁性格可爱,哈尔滨和大连乡镇女性会日语的女性

41/172  信息技术  年收900万円


45/173 会社员  年收600万円

离婚无孩 东京二室公寓中文会话可寻25-36岁内温柔女性(苏杭或东北不会日语也可)

58/172会社员(营业科长) 年收927万円

离婚无孩 四室公寓 38-45岁内文雅会日语的大连及东北等地区女性

49/164 政府公务员 年收620万円

未婚大学 居二层别墅,寻30-37岁可爱肤白女性为妻 哈尔滨和大连乡镇女性也可

34/176 东京公务员 年收600万円


42/170 汽车发动机专业工程师 

未婚 研究生毕业 居二层别墅

50/170 大学教授 年收700万円

未婚 博士 居公寓,寻30-36岁大学毕业,会英语或日语的文雅女性为妻

38/178 国际公认会计师 年收850

离婚 大学毕业 25-35岁会英语或日语的中国女性为妻

49/170 自营企业社长 年收650万円

离婚  居二层别墅  30-38岁会日语女性为妻 哈尔滨和大连乡镇女性也可

50/178  经营部长 年收700万円

未婚 自有3室公寓  35-40岁貌好品优,性格开朗会日语的女性。

36/176 日本爱媛医生 年收800


38/176 爱知金融职员 年收660


31/170  会社员  年收350万円

原籍福建,未婚, 东京在住三室已购。寻 22-30岁活泼可爱,善良苗条在日或国内女性,不会日语也可以

48/171  营业管理 年收550万円

未婚, 兵库县在住。寻 36岁内性格温良,在日或上海杭州乡镇女性,不会日语也可以。

46/171  电器工程师 年收740万円

离婚无孩,群马县在住。寻 36岁内性格可爱,哈尔滨和大连乡镇女性,不会日语喜欢学习者也可以。

Chinese female members

More than 400 Chinese women living in China and Japan

25/159 日本东京留学生



31/160 東京会社員 硕士 日语一级



34/158 大阪会社員 硕士 日语一级



Customer Comments

We provide one-on-one service, so that more good ladies can find their destiny

I was a college student in school majoring in Japanese, and international marriage seemed far away for me at that time, and I had never heard of this way of introduction, but the opportunity is for those who are sure of it. Still, I am especially grateful to Ms. Keiko, who taught me a lot and allowed me to take control of my life.
Testimonial Image
Aada Laine
Traditional marriage introduction can no longer meet the needs of people who are genuinely seeking true love, and this place gave me a bigger platform to meet an excellent Japanese person, "Doomoto" san, with my experience of studying in Japan, and now I am living in Kanagawa, and although there are many challenges, I still love Japan.
Testimonial Image
Caitlynn Potts
I have participated in several ZOOM video conversations, and the other party was very good at recommending Japanese food to me, and was very considerate of the fact that my Japanese was not very good (thanks to the presence of an interpreter), so I was able to get reacquainted with Japanese people, and for the next blind date meeting, I hope she is the ideal person for me.
Testimonial Image
Alisa Hester